Digital art fantasies

digital art image

I became very interested recently in digital art. It is really exciting to be able to create fantastic abstract images. The possibilities are endless. You are going to see some of the results of my experiments. What do you think?

I am creating a new gallery on my web site Images of nature: digital art images and need help with names for these digital art fantasy images. Do you have ideas?

I would love to hear your opinion: please leave a comment. (c) ImageNature. Copying/downloading of images without permission is not allowed. Please contact us for image licensing.

~ by imagenature on May 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Digital art fantasies”

  1. Great job! You say you only got into this recently? I agree that digital media is an amazing tool to crate abstract images, especially ones that mimic nature. Sometimes in creating images like this one, you cant help but see the resemblance to our world.

    I see color contained within a white boarder here. At one end some of this color breaks free into the darkness beyond. The white color at this point looks agitated as though reacting to the escape if its… prisoner..? Not sure. It could also be protecting the ‘color’ within. I love it! so many ways to interpret, nice job!

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